My wife and I recently undertook to purchase a property, and being relative novices, we found that there were several challenges to overcome for which we needed qualified advice. Ralph has a in-depth knowledge of the property market, a long history in the building industry and an enormous network of professionals upon which he calls to develop and co-ordinate the best possible strategies. In short, Ralph’s advice opened doors that we thought could not be opened. His careful and considerate appreciation of our situation translated in introducing us to the right team of people who with the result that we achieved a purchase we did not think possible. More than this, his advice caused us to re-think our entire strategy for wealth creation, asset protection and business structure. I have nothing but praise for Ralph who went out of his way to help whenever we needed further property advice.

Dr. Alan Kalamir

It is a pleasure to deal with Ralph Rintoule from Citrine Property Investors Pty Ltd. I Have found Ralph to a very passionate about services he provides. He also goes beyond that to help others achieve their business goals. Ralph has helped me a great deal by recommending my products to other businesses, family and friends, always willing to help others and very friendly person. I would highly recommend Ralph to anyone that is looking at purchasing investment property or advise on investment.

Richard Chand, L.E.D Lighting Concepts Pty Ltd

“I have known Ralph for the last couple of years. First meeting Ralph through a Networking Group called BNI – where I was actually his mentor for the group. Now knowing Ralph for this time, I find him to be completely astute in the area of his profession and I have complete confidence in him. One of the characteristics of Ralph that I do enjoy is his wide sense of humour. There is nothing quite like doing business with a laugh!”


Jeff Gough, Liverpool Glass

I first invested with Ralph Rintoule in 2003. Being a novice myself at property investment, Ralph made the entire process easy with his expertise and thorough knowledge of the market. I found Ralph to be very reliable, ethical and a person of high principles. His professional approach and guidance was encouraging and allowed me to make the right decisions. As a result, I invested with Ralph again and built a successful property portfolio. I have no hesitation in recommending Ralph to anyone who is considering property investment.

Kerry Mathison

I bought an investment property from Ralph in Mid 2007. I have been an Insurance Adviser for over 30 years and you can imagine the amount of paperwork, submissions and presentations I have seen in that time. Of all the people I have seen or been associated with over the years, I have never met anyone who was more detail oriented, or provided a more comprehensive presentation than Ralph. The information he provides, and the manner in which it is presented, enables you to evaluate the pros and cons, and make an informed decision of where it fits in your planned investment goals. In addition, he checks out each property and unless it satisfies his own rigid criteria, he will not market the property. Needless to say, I am delighted with the property I bought from Ralph and his after sale service. If you are considering an investment property, or feel it is something you should check out as part of an investment portfolio, you could not do better than talk to Ralph.

Eric Drysdale, THORNLEIGH