We personally visit every home we market

That lets us ensure that we become aware of any problems on site, Are there obvious issues with the build?  Are there drainage issues with the lot? Is the property easy to access? Are the services close by? Is this the suburb quality tenants are going to find attractive? This footprint on site approach is one of the most important parts of the research we do for our clients.

In the past we have discovered some builders do not build exactly as the “plan” indicates as illustrated below.  Needless to say we no longer work with such builders, nor did our clients complete the purchase with them.

Even with all the ability to use technology to review a site, we have discovered time and time again that some problems can only be revealed by the personal touch and we know the extra effort is worth it when it comes to increasing our client’s success.

We have our own internal research

Over the years we have subscribed to a number of different services providing statistical information on properties, much of which is now available via various apps to the public.

As the market has progressed we have found we needed to create a more detailed picture of the market place for ourselves. The result our internal research department uses a range of paid and public sources to provide us with data on the suburbs in which our properties are located.  This allows us to perform a number of additional risk assessments on potential properties we might offer.  In this way we can ensure we place you in a market where the investment purchased is more likely to attract tenants.

We know what good quality tenants look for in a property

Your tenants needs in a property often differs to yours.  Our expertise in researching and knowing the tenant’s expectations help us guide you in making the right property decisions.