Investment Strategies

Your Investment goal matters. If you don’t know where you are going why have a strategy?  We can create with you a strategy for every goal, Your desired outcome matters, it's not just about getting more money.


Times Change We Adapt : Flexible Investment structures allow us to work to create your Goals

Creating a resilient investment structure to support your goals throughout your investments lifetime,  is more important to your success than the property you choose.

With more than 60 years combined experience within our team, we are familiar with how the changing conditions may affect an investment and have developed solutions to protect yourself, your home and your investment.

When we first meet the majority of our time will be spent discussing your goals and desired outcomes.  Only once we understand your needs we work with you to develop a durable investment structure that is resilient enough to last the test of time.  With that confidence, selecting your property will be a simple exercise.


We build relationships so you have choice

As Property Marketers, we maintain relationships with a large pool of developers Australia wide which means we have a wide range of investment options for our clients.

Having so many options means we can match a property to your budget and ensure it is in an area to be attractive to the best tenants.

We also choose only to work with developers that will allow us to inspect your property before the sale, to ensure that it meets our standards.

A home is more than a house, we believe it should be protected

Yes! Investing does involve some risk and for many of our clients being able to invest, means unlocking some of the accumulated value in the home to create a better future.

We at Citrine know you have worked hard to create and secure your home.  That is why the first conversation we have with our clients is about how to ensure you have the tools to protect your home and your lifestyle so that you can invest with confidence


Buying a home and buying an investment need different skills

We provide pre and post sales support and education.

How does the financial structure of an investment make it easier to own than a home?

Someone else will live there, what decisions should you make differently?

How can you extract value from your investment to meet your goals and still receive the benefits of full ownership?

How do you find the team to make owning and investment simple?

For many of our clients, all of their experience in property has been associated with buying their current home.

Which often leaves them with skills and instincts that do not match with buying an investment property.  To that end, we work hard to support our clients through providing educational resources to assist them.

Whether it be helping you find an independent team to assist you in managing your investment simply, to sharing our knowledge and experience, to our post sales support or even on to your next investment, our first goal is to ensure you feel comfortable.

We will not talk property, with you until we have understood your goals and your needs as well as answered all your questions.


Our experience means we can create a strategy to meet your goals

Until we talk, get to know you, and your goals we can not say which strategy will best suit you.  However over the years we have worked with a large number of clients and successfully met their goals.  As a result we are confident we can work and help you achieve your goals.

Please feel free to contact us and start the conversation we welcome your questions.