Education is King when it comes to success in investing

Finance is about more than a just getting a loan, Finance is about how you structure the loan so all of your investments goals are met.  For 40 years we have been meeting with clients and discussing their goals and the options available to them to protect their all of their assets.  Only once our clients are comfortable the can invest confidently do we work with them to select properties that meet their needs.


The Number One Goal in Investing is to Protect the Family Home

Because many of our clients start their investments using capital saved in the family home, it is important that the first thing any financial structure does is protect and secure the family home from any risk associated with the investment.

In fact, we often find we need to have two important conversations when we meet our clients together, the second is often with the partner driving the interest in investment to solve a future need is as you would expect.

However, before we talk with them and offer an opportunity we often need to have a conversation with their nervous partner and reassure them that the family home can be protected.  Indeed we believe a good financial structure should include several layers of protection from any risk associated with the investment.


Investing is not Risk free, but it can be Risk Reduced

Yes, we admit and openly discuss the risks associated with investing in property with our clients.   And then show them how to build a structure to mitigate that risk.

And although facts and figures matter a lot, an often unconsidered important factor in reducing risk when investing is to consider the emotional impacts when deciding to invest.  For many people the only experience they have in investing and property is buying the family home.  Buying a house in which someone else will live requires making decisions for different reasons, whether it be the choosing appropriate quality and easily maintainable fittings of the home, or choosing a rentable location, we have experience in guiding our clients, like yourself, through both the practical and emotional considerations.