Ralph’s Rulez: The Power of SAYING NO!

Trust and Contribute – but watch out for Sharks and say NO!

Let’s start at the beginning in this one, talking from decades of personal experience!

When you first started your business I bet these things happened to you:

– Really helpful people offered to help you in your business; they were really nice & seemed to know answers to all your questions.
– Then the whammy! If you can do this for me for free (it won’t take a lot of time & I an open doors/introduce you to decision makers)
– That never happened to you did it. How many free hours did you donate to these leaches before you woke up?

Then you move on however, because you need the work /income your eagerness to secure clients is really transparent to the person you’re trying to do business with:

– Did they screw you down on price?
– Did they extract extra services from you at the same price?
– Did they keep your information on a read this and get back to you?
– Then you never hear from them & they don’t return calls?
– They probably gave your information to their current supplier
– What did you learn?

We are all for caring of sharing, but make sure you only leave your information with people you Meet, Like, Know and Trust! Remember, the ocean is lovely but there are sharks in there too!

So now that you have more experience, you are aware of the manipulation process of being self-employed, the next question is obvious:

– Do you get picky about who you choose to work with?
– Have you learnt how to politely refuse those who are takers & users?


One of the elements you want to portray to you clients is confidence & professionalism:

– This comes from your knowledge of your product.
– Your ability to listen to what your clients want.
– Your professionalism & conduct
– Your dress code (interesting)
– Your ability to hold your ground.

The above is called RESPECT and that is what will grow your business. Over the years, I learnt through the “School of Hard Knocks” – make sure you can trust people and contribute. Do onto others as you expect done onto yourself!