Ralph’s Rulez: Going Back to Work?

Going Back to Work? It Happens to the Best of Us! Over the years, many of my friends and colleagues have had challenges with their businesses – especially starting out! Including myself, many of the best of us have experienced: – Cash flow problems. – Some closed up never to try again. – Some refinanced their homes…

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Ralph’s Rulez on Concreting!

Hello everyone, this is Ralph Rintoule here. This is one of my first blog posts on “Ralph’s Rulez”. This is where I go around Australia and keep an eye out for Dodgy People that do poor quality work that is unsafe, dangerous and even illegal. In these photos here, these shifty / unethical characters are…

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Successful Investing In Property Requires The Right Education

Successful Investing In Property Requires The Right Education The educational process that we operate with clients is all no-obligation. The most important thing is to discuss finance. The finance is more important than the property. Now, that may sound strange, but unless the finances – and your finances means both personal and investment finances –…

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