Investing in Property and the Why?

Property has always stood the test of time and the big proof of this is when I ask people about their homes: How much did you pay for it? How much is it worth now? This is a very important question which is the proof for many people.  Investment Properties are great for planning for…

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Personal Selling and Working with the Ages!

It’s Ralph here and I am all for respecting people that I work with.  Since I have started my career and being involved in Personal / Face to Face Selling – I have always been about meeting people on their level!  In fact, at a recent 4Networking event in Parramatta (Sydney, NSW) I was videotaped…

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Ralph’s Rulez: Business in Changing Times!

Why are you in business? The very simple and obvious answer to that question is “To make a profit!” However, we all have to remember that today’s marketplace is different from last years. Think for a moment of how Facebook has changed our planet, how can even remember an ancient world of Pre-Internet? Let’s have…

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Ralph’s Rulez: The Power of SAYING NO!

Trust and Contribute – but watch out for Sharks and say NO! Let’s start at the beginning in this one, talking from decades of personal experience! When you first started your business I bet these things happened to you: – Really helpful people offered to help you in your business; they were really nice &…

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RALPH’S RULEZ: Givers Gain Versus Givers Get

Networking is a big part of what I do and many fantastic Small Business Owners across Australia.  I want to discuss the difference between the two ideas above.  One can grow your business and the other can ruin it and destroy your reputation. Ralphs Rulez on Networking! GIVERS GAIN This is the area I operate…

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Ralph’s Rulez: Going Back to Work?

Going Back to Work? It Happens to the Best of Us! Over the years, many of my friends and colleagues have had challenges with their businesses – especially starting out! Including myself, many of the best of us have experienced: – Cash flow problems. – Some closed up never to try again. – Some refinanced their homes…

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Ralph’s Rulez on Concreting!

Hello everyone, this is Ralph Rintoule here. This is one of my first blog posts on “Ralph’s Rulez”. This is where I go around Australia and keep an eye out for Dodgy People that do poor quality work that is unsafe, dangerous and even illegal. In these photos here, these shifty / unethical characters are…

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