About Us

Over the last 20 years Citrine Property has established a reputation for providing its clients with high quality new build investment properties.

With outstanding experience and knowledge of the building industry, unique individualised investment structures are routinely crafted that both protect the family home and allow challenging investment goals to be met.

Originally launched as International Marketing Solutions, Citrine Property has always provided an Australia wide service to our clients. Referral’s and returning clients have led to steady growth and the addition of staff. Our tight team continues to focus on educating and supporting our clients through the investment process, before we present our carefully matched property options.  Constant re-examination of the property market and a focus on improvement has led to the develop of a number of innovative strategies our clients can use to meet their specific investment goals.



Ralph Rintoule is the heart and leader of our team, it is his passion for ensuring our clients success that has formed the character of the business. Ralphs believes no client of ours should lose money on a properly structured investment. As a result we acknowledge we are not always able to find a property that suits the budget of some of our clients.  We would rather work with a client towards becoming ready to invest, than involve them in an investment that over committed their resources.

As a mentor and leader Ralph is well known and respected within the Sydney business community for his focus on building long term relationships and ensuring he provides value.  He has lead and created a number of networking groups and consistently provided support and encouragement to many business leaders.  Everyone working at Citrine is mentored to develop a similar character and focus on getting results for others as a way of getting results for ourselves.  Ralph insists that the focus of everyone working with him is to be focused on the relationship, using our expertize, experience and effort, to create a smooth simple experience for our clients.

Remember property investments are for the long term, and it is important that you are able to live now as you plan for the future. No investment opportunity should mean that you are unable to enjoy a trip to the salon, take a family holiday, or enjoy a relaxing dinner out.  Citrine will always commit our efforts towards ensuring your dreams do not cost your reality.