Investing In Property

Investment properties can be a great way to generate wealth in the long-term or short-term depending on the strategy you put to work. At Citrine we encourage you to buy investment property if you are in a position to comfortably take on that level of debt. Understanding how much you can borrow and what amount you can comfortably borrow without affecting your lifestyle too dramatically is important so that you don't place unnecessary pressures on yourself or your family. Buying an investment property can be an enjoyable experience, and we would like to help put you on that path.

Investment properties have been proven to be wealth-earning machines if managed correctly. If you're an old timer in the real estate business, you'd testify to this truth. This endeavour requires hands-on management and a lot of dedicated time. It’s an attention-seeking venture which can be a handful if you hop in the bandwagon unprepared. Here at Citrine, we encourage you to buy smart investments. If you are in a situation with a stable and strong financial foundation, investing in property can provide great returns. But don’t get discouraged if you’re not, let us guide you and prepare you to get a head-start towards the road of successful property investing.

Take The Risk When Investing In Property And Overcoming It

Investing in property comes with a lot of risks, most importantly financial risks. This is why we encourage that you begin with a firm financial foundation before fully entering property investments.

Your aspirations to escape the typical workday and forever leave the rat race is shared by a lot of people, you’re not alone. And the common problem first-timers encounter is how to begin. Buying an investment property is a complimentary step to leaving the rat race - however, it's not the first step one should take. When you buy investment property, a large amount of money is involved and you need to be prepared to handle and manage a large debt. Regardless if you're confident in taking on a large debt now or in the future, Citrine is here to give you the right property investment advice, and steer you in the right direction.

To reach a steady financial position, here are just a few tips you can follow in your day-to-day lives that can help you improve your savings. Start small - it doesn't have to be a large amount of money being put away; it could be 5% of what you earn or even less, as long as you are putting something aside regularly. Compliment this by controlling your expenses, spend money on your needs and try to spend less on your desires. You're building wealth and this is part of the little sacrifices you'll have to do away with while you're still on the starting point. Put your money to work - If you’ve built up a good savings pool, you are ready to take the next step. This may be in the form of buying share, short-term investments or ultimately your first investing in property.

Get Some Help In Investing In Property From The Experts

Our advice, understand all of your risks and protect yourself. We are happy to help you assess these risks and help you understand how much you can borrow and pay back without putting pressure on yourself and without straining your finances.